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Effective PowerPoint Presentation Makeover Services

Effective Powerpoint Presentations

Clients who already have an existing PowerPoint presentation but would like to professionally enhance the layout, graphics or animation use our presentation makeover services. Also we are often asked by our clients to reformat an existing PowerPoint presentation e.g., according to a new corporate template or design guideline.

We offer highly customized PowerPoint presentation enhancement services carefully respecting your graphic guidelines, budget and time requirements. To get an idea of what a typical makeover involves please find below some typical services performed when contracting our PowerPoint makeover service offering:

  • Slide transitions (e.g. from one template to another)
  • Font size change and sizing
  • Color scheme adaptations
  • Text and layout alignment
  • Graphic / diagram enhancement
  • Re-drawing of graphics not printable / ill-formatted
  • Custom Animations
  • Image / photo editing and enhancement
  • Enhancement of existing template design
  • Multi media file inclusion
  • Print setting optimization
  • File size optimization

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